I am a qualified birth and postnatal doula offering emotional and educational support to mothers in labour or who have recently given birth.

My Expertise

I have a passion for empowering mothers during childbirth and guiding the entire family into the transformation of parenthood.

Why Use A Doula

Doulas support mothers and their partners during or after childbirth through emotional, education and physical support to all people involved.


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My name is Saran, mother of three. Carol was with me as volunteer Doula when I gave birth to my youngest child on 27th August 2019. 

Carol helped me a lot before, during and after my labour process. 

She helped me in Breastfeeding and was always dedicated in her role as volunteer Doula to go through any difficult situations. 

Carol was there to listen to me, gave useful advice for me and my baby regarding our wellbeing. 

I would say that I was impressed by her professionalism, dedication and her passion for her job. So, she was very helpful and compassionate. 

I would be always grateful for the help and support she gave me on my ante and postnatal period. 

In the meantime please if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact on the details above. 


I met Carol when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2017.  Carol was very supportive during the pregnancy through to the child birth. When I went into the hospital Carol was with me, she gave me a message and constantly asking  if I was OK during labour. Carol is very caring. 


After the baby was born Carol stayed with us in the hospital to look after the baby while a was asleep, doing all the necessary things that was required. When I was discharged, she came to support us at home with bathing  the baby and encouraged with breastfeeding. 


Carol has a bond with my daughter and she still calls to check on her  

Carol is very good at what she does. 

Florence Gabusu
We have two children. I had to stay home looking after my other children, while my wife had to give birth in the hospital.  

We contacted Carol to help us.  She supported my wife at the hospital, and at home emotionally and practically. She also helped with breastfeeding  while she was recovering, she is very caring  and very knowledgeable, and very professional.  

Hailer Ali Shah 

I found this class very helpful and useful as It was very informative and I therefore learnt a lot of which I didn’t know before. I enjoyed the workshop each week. I will definitely recommend this service. she is very caring, and her method of teaching is so good. I really enjoyed a lot during her teaching period

Maria Imtiaz , Antenatal Teacher Class

I have learned most important things of the pregnancy which I did not know before. like going into labour and breast feeding.

I looked forward to every coming week, I enjoyed the fact that I was alone to get involved and participate in various activities which made me learn a lot, I also want to applause the teacher as she is very professional and made every session as enjoyable and as informative as it could be.

I particularly enjoyed engaging in the activities which made it more real for example seeing the baby and changing their nappies, also enjoyed seeing the pictures of how the baby develop in the womb from different steps up to the 9th months.

I will therefore recommend this workshop to all pregnant women so that they can develop the skill of nursing a child and also learn the important facts about labour.

Janice Cole- Bangura, Antenatal Teacher Class

I liked everything, Carlota was very good in explaining all the massage movements, discussion topics, it was very enjoyable, her poems very also nice. My baby and I are more relaxed and enjoying the bonding experience together.

Carol was very kind, helpful and made everyone engage together and enjoyed the class.

Linda Novak , Baby Massage

I enjoyed the atmosphere in the class, very relaxed and easy to learn. Carol is very good at teaching and repeating everything we don’t understand. My baby really enjoy massage either after his bath or anytime to just relax him. She was great at explaining and showing us as many times as needed, I felt at e ease. Great class highly recommended

Cecilia Dada, Baby Massage

I enjoyed having massage and meeting other mums, I noticed that the class was very relaxed, great atmosphere even with the babies, she was very friendly, welcoming and a good teacher.

I liked the classes because of the clear instruction to follow, warm and relaxed environment and I noticed that my baby was more relaxed and cry less and I feel more bonded. The class was baby friendly, and I like the fact she offered us water and fruit as well as a break. I recommend everyone should do baby massage.

Silvia Morecroft, Baby Massage

Carlota is friendly and approachable and always happy to answer any questions. I learnt great skills, I noticed changes in myself and partner, we are massaging the baby at home. I was recommended by a friend; it was great class, and I would highly recommend.

Carlota is friendly and approachable and always happy to answer any questions. I learnt great skills, I noticed changes in myself and partner, we are massaging the baby at home. I was recommended by a friend; it was great class, and I would highly recommend.

Laira Picconato, Baby Massage

I learn new skills to bond with my baby and also loved the poem at the end, I noticed that my baby remembered certain massages and enjoyed them. Carol explained everything clearly and I learnt about the history of massage and the benefits of baby massage

Emilia Williams, Baby Massage